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Coffee Sampler (Single Origin, Blends, Decaf)


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2oz Coffee Sampler Six Pack

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.

Matthew 5:6

BLESSINGS is a great opportunity to try an assortment of our most popular coffees. You’ll receive one 2 oz bag of each of the six coffees listed below. This way you can taste and see which is your favorite (if you can choose just one!)

COURAGE is created with organic beans from Sumatra. This dark roast, single-origin, bold coffee has light acidity with earthy, spicy, and chocolatey tasting notes.

FAITH is an organic, single-origin, light roast from Guatemala. It has a sweet, vibrant acidity and a smooth, full body. It is fruity with balanced tasting notes of cocoa and brown sugar.

HOPE is a single-origin decaf coffee and the perfect answer for those who love the earthy, full-body complexity of regular Sumatra but wish to avoid the caffeine. This premium single-origin coffee from Indonesia has very low acidity and can be enjoyed any time of day.

PATIENCE is a blend of organic coffee beans from Sumatra and Mexico. This combination has a light, sweet acidity that is earthy with a smooth finish.

JUSTICE is created from single-origin, organic, high-mountain grown coffee beans from Colombia. It is a dark roast with medium acidity that is both fantastically smooth and robust.

WISDOM is created from organic, single-origin coffee beans from Mexico. It is a smooth-bodied medium roast with sweet acidity. It is well-balanced with delicious citrus-tasting notes.

All coffees from Christian Kitchens are organic, certified gluten-free, allergen-free, sugar-free, dairy-free, vegan, and alcohol-free.

Be Part of Helping Others

Christian Kitchens is committed to sharing a portion of our proceeds to help those in need.

We promise that your purchase of Christian Kitchens Coffee is also an investment in spiritual comfort, food, and personal care items for individuals and families.

We support non-profit foundations, organizations, and programs that align with the ideals of the Christian Kitchens community.  

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Guide for Coffee Subscriptions

1lb yields approximately 64 (8oz) cups, and there are 12 K-Cups in each box.

Please adjust how much you order if your mug, tumbler or thermos is larger.

How subscriptions work
You can modify or cancel your subscriptions anytime. Subscriptions are renewed automatically.