Seamless transition.

Without the headache.

Gradually diminish your caffeine - yet still drink delicious, fresh-roasted, organic coffee! Reduce the amount of caffeine you have each day with this easy to follow program, which is the smarter way to migrate from 100% caffeinated to 100% decaffeinated.

  • Delicious: single origin, freshly roasted organic coffee from Indonesia
  • Gradual: less caffeine each day - all pre-measured for you
  • Easy: 2 ounce pouches of coffee clearly marked Day 1 - Day 10
  • Painless: No cold-turkey headache!

Three Easy Steps

  • Order.

  • Receive.

  • Enjoy.

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expectant moms love dimin.

  • Samantha L.

    "This program felt like a gift. I actually enjoyed every single sip throughout the program. I never once missed my old coffee, in fact this coffee tastes better! Plus, I’ve had friends tell me that when they tried to quit caffeine, they got raging headaches, and couldn’t even do it. I’m glad I found dimin. because I never got a headache. I was shocked at how easy this was!"

  • Erica B.

    "I knew I needed to quit caffeine for the sake of my baby, but I had no idea how much better I myself would feel after giving it up. I am so much less jittery and anxious, and I LOVE this coffee.The decaffeinated coffee is so good that I plan to keep drinking it while breastfeeding."

  • Ashley G.

    "This detox was so much easier than I thought it would be. I was NOT giving up my coffee (even though my doctor told me to) and thanks to the dimin. 10 day detox, I didn’t have to!The wonderful thing is this...I am now drinking decaf, which tastes exceptionally fresh, and I know I am doing what’s right for our baby, too."

Did You Know?

The Effects of Caffeine Consumption During Pregnancy:

  • Increases blood pressure and heart rate. 
  • Can be associated with negative pregnancy outcomes such as spontaneous abortion Anderson, Juliano & Shulkin, 2009
  • Constricts blood vessels in the uterus and placenta, which can reduce the blood supply to the fetus and inhibit growth. 
  • Disrupts fetal stress hormones, which can result in rapid weight gain for your baby after birth, later life obesity, heart disease and diabetes. 

The Effects of Caffeine Consumption During Breastfeeding:

  • Peaks at 1-2 hours after a cup of caffeinated coffee
  • Has greater effects on babies with health issues, born prematurely or under 6 months of age 
  • Can cause irritability, wakefulness, and fussiness. If your baby is up, so are you!

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How Does dimin. Work?

Calling all coffee lovers! If you love your coffee, but know you should take a break from caffeine for the health of you and your baby, we have great news for you! 

A short 10-day detox will allow you to continue enjoying your coffee, and at the same time reduce your caffeine. If you think a cup of dark-roast, single-origin coffee sounds very, very appealing, we have a solution for you. 

Over ten days, we will help you reduce the amount of caffeine you drink each day until you are drinking 100% decaffeinated coffee on the last day of our dimin. detox program.  You will be drinking organic, premium quality Indonesian coffee from day one to day ten. 

Here’s how it is done: each day your caffeinated coffee will be moderately replaced with decaffeinated coffee in pre-measured pouches, and you’ll never taste the difference! 

Without suffering any of the typical, splitting headaches associated with quitting caffeine, you will find yourself on day ten 100% decaffeinated and still enjoying premium, small-batch roasted coffee that tastes as robust and delicious as day one. Go ahead and purchase a 10 Day Detox kit now!

Learn more about the single origin coffee used in the dimin. 10 Day Caffeine Detox Program:


Sumatra region of Indonesia


Ethically sourced from organic farms in their native region


Grade one, double picked 100% Arabica beans


1,200 - 1,600 m


Dark roasted for lower acidity in your cup


A pleasant, strong aroma


Earthy spices that mix nicely with a syrupy body, and notes of sweet plums, dark chocolate, and caramel


Artisan roasted and ground in small batches for the freshest taste


The decaf used gradually through the dimin. 10-day detox, and used 100% in the pouch on the tenth day, is decaffeinated using the patented Swiss Water Process. 

There are no chemicals whatsoever used in this decaffeination process. In fact, it is 100% chemical-solvent free, unlike the process used by most companies to decaffeinate coffee.

A chemical-free process allows Swiss Water Process decaf to preserve coffee beans’ subtle and distinct origin and flavor characteristics, leaving only a great tasting coffee with no added aftertaste. Also, there are actually health benefits derived from coffee, so you may be pleasantly surprised that it is good for you to continue drinking it, especially since the antioxidant effect of the polyphenols contained within coffee remain, regardless of whether there is caffeine in the beans or not.

In fact, some of the health benefits are even stronger when the caffeine has been removed.

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