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dimin. Decaf Coffee

dimin. Decaf Coffee

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100% Sumatran coffee beans decaffeinated using the Swiss Water Process. This single-origin, ethically sourced decaf is the same delicious, dark roast decaf you have on Day 10 of the detox program. 

The benefit of continuing to drink decaf after the detox is that you will not have to reset your body again. You will just continue to enjoy this decaf on an ongoing daily basis and continue to protect yourself and your baby from the harmful effects of caffeine, even throughout breastfeeding.

The Swiss Water Process of decaffeination is important to note because most decaffeinated coffees available commercially are decaffeinated using a process with chemical solvents. This one hundred percent natural decaffeination process is safer for you, and for your little one.

Packaged and Roasted by Christian Kitchens

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Learn more about the single origin coffee used in the dimin. 10 Day Caffeine Detox Program:

Origin: Sumatra region of Indonesia

Source: Ethically sourced from organic farms in their native region

Beans: Grade one, double picked 100% Arabica beans

Altitude: 1,200 - 1,600 m

Roast: Dark roasted for lower acidity in your cup

Experience: A pleasant, strong aroma

Flavor: Earthy spices that mix nicely with a syrupy body, and notes of sweet plums, dark chocolate, and caramel

Taste: Artisan roasted and ground in small batches for the freshest taste

Decaf: The decaf used gradually through the dimin. 10-day detox, and used 100% in the pouch on the tenth day, is decaffeinated using the patented Swiss Water Process.  There are no chemicals whatsoever used in this decaffeination process. In fact, it is 100% chemical-solvent free, unlike the process used by most companies to decaffeinate coffee. A chemical-free process allows Swiss Water Process decaf to preserve coffee beans’ subtle and distinct origin and flavor characteristics, leaving only a great tasting coffee with no added aftertaste. Also, there are actually health benefits derived from coffee, so you may be pleasantly surprised that it is good for you to continue drinking it, especially since the antioxidant effect of the polyphenols contained within coffee remain, regardless of whether there is caffeine in the beans or not. In fact, some of the health benefits are even stronger when the caffeine has been removed.

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